Sunday, March 25, 2012


March March where have you gone? This month has been a busy one. They always are. When I sit back and reflect on the month I always wonder where did it go?

Both kids have finally mastered two wheels. It actually didn’t take very long. Cayson went to play at his cousins and tried riding his 1 yr. older cousin Jaxon's bike and he was actually pretty successful he could balance right away the pedaling and getting off and starting were different stories. BrieAnn observed all of this and never having had any interest in riding a bike suddenly wanted to ride a bike. Hmm I think it may have had something to do with having a 4yr old younger brother that could almost ride that may have prompted her to action. :) So we went home and took the training wheels off and they were off. BrieAnn got very frustrated a few times and kicked and screamed at her bike and the pavement and I believe one time at the grass. I tried very hard not to laugh. She was determined to ride and finally got the hang of it in about 2 days. YEAH! We threw her training wheels in the garbage. Cayson on the other hand could balance like no other hold it upright and he would be off like a....... turtle he would not pedal and then just slowly fall to the side. He finally started pedaling and then he would just run into whatever was in his path so then he learned how to steer and finally how to start took him another couple days. YEAH! He threw his training wheels in the garbage. A few knee scraps, and pavement burns and one nasty head bump and Both kids are riding and we have been riding riding riding together as a family for the last week. So fun! The weather has been so nice and our house is close to a couple great paths/trails and parks it has been so fun to bike. YEAH SPRING!!!!

What else is happening.................
Coby has been working a lot of overtime so we have been passing kids back and forth I get home at two and he leaves at 3. It hasn’t been that bad but we miss him on his nights that he is gone. :( He is still home more than most hubbys and we are really lucky that his job is so flexible. His Hockey League is over they didn’t win but he said it was still fun and is debating joining a summer League. He has only been golfing once. I know weird. Its early still I am sure he will catch up.

We bought Lagoon passes!!! Instead of going on a family vacation we will be going to Lagoon!!

Me - well I should be studying right now found out a few days ago that I have to have my Appraisal Classes and the test taken before May 4th or I will have to start it all over. I have 3 more chapters left and a paper to write and then I plan on studying for a couple weeks and taking the test the middle of April just in case I don’t pass and have to take it again. I like my new job and I like my old job grateful to have both and have two great kids and a very supportive Husband.

I am not going to lie most days I feel like a clown juggling 20 balls in the air while riding a unicycle up a hill on a tightrope. Good thing I have pretty good balance and a smile and lots of people to help catch me when I fall.

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Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

We need to plan a get together so you can have a break from all the craziness. I love you!